Distillates vs. Tinctures: What’s The distinction?

Seasoned cannabis connoisseurs could be stunned to listen to that many individuals suppose distillates and tinctures are the identical factor. But should you’re new to the scene, they certain do look loads alike!  So, right here’s a flash course in how these two fashionable cannabis choices distinction. (Spoiler alert, they’re virtually opposites.)


By definition, to “distill” means: “to extract an important side of.” In a nutshell, that’s what any cannabis focus is—an extraction of solely essentially the most beneficial compounds discovered within the plant. The cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are preserved, whereas all the pieces else is eradicated by means of the appliance of particular temperatures and pressures. True distillates, nonetheless, are additional particular as a result of they’re much more pure and potent than a few of their concentrated, oily cousins. Distillates undergo additional refinement processes to take away extra compounds by way of boiling-point separation. Why? As a result of the purpose is to isolate very particular plant pigment and bi-product. As soon as these cannabinoids have been distilled, they’re recondensed right into a exact ratio for a exact impact (a 6:1 ratio of THC:CBD, for instance). When completed properly, the completed product may be as much as 99% pure cannabinoid. Potent!

The opposite main profit to distillates is versatility. Since you’re coping with the purest of pure cannabis oil in its activated kind, there’s no restrict to how one can get pleasure from it. Distillates are sometimes vaporized, however it’s also possible to take them beneath the tongue, dab them, smoke them, ingest them in a capsule, or infuse them into an edible. Making a distillate is a really laborious course of, so sure, they’re costly! However the result’s top-tier, and onerous to beat.


Facet-by-side—to the untrained eye—a cannabis tincture and a cannabis distillate look fairly alike. Certain, they’re each in liquid kind… however the similarities finish there. Whereas a distillate is essentially the most intensive extract there’s, a tincture isn’t an extract in any respect. As a substitute, it’s an infusion

A tincture is made by soaking decarboxylated (activated) cannabis in a solvent. Historically, the solvent was all the time alcohol. Immediately, you’ll see every kind of bases, like MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, which is normally derived from coconuts. MCT is at the moment a preferred solvent selection, each for its well being causes, and since cannabinoids are readily soluble inside it. The plant matter is ultimately faraway from the solvent, but the cannabinoids—and terpenes, and flavonoids—stay. 

As you realized above, distillates don’t use a solvent. With a tincture, the solvent IS what stays because the completed product! Tinctures are typically taken sublingually (beneath the tongue) or added to a meals or drink. This course of highlights the pure tastes and aromas of the cannabis pressure used, so that they’re particularly enjoyable to pair with particular meals flavors. Simply as distillation is an concerned and sophisticated course of, making a tincture is comparatively simple.

The recap

Distillates and tinctures could look comparable, however seems may be deceiving! Distillates are pure, extremely potent, concentrated extractions that may be taken in quite a lot of methods. Tinctures are flavorful, solvent-based infusions which might be popularly consumed in edibles. 

And now you recognize.


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