The best way to Pack a Bowl of Weed for the Excellent Smoke, Each Time


Imagine it or not, there’s a couple of method to pack a bowl of bud in your favourite pipe.

Packing a bowl of weed right into a pipe is an elementary talent picked up by virtually each cannabis lover on the market. If that is your first time packing a bowl by yourself, or should you’re simply questioning about different methods to do it, effectively, you got here to the suitable place. 

Earlier than we mild up, let’s rapidly evaluation what a bowl is. The time period bowl might or might not predate cannabis tradition (and when does that start, precisely?), and its use started at the very least two centuries in the past. A bowl refers back to the a part of a pipe or bong that holds the smokable materials, usually tobacco, however should you’re at MERRY JANE, we’ll be sticking to weed, thanks very a lot.

Not all bowls are created equally. Some huge bowls, generally known as “social gathering bowls,” can match a whole eighth-ounce of buds. Some teeny tiny bowls, affixed to “sneak-a-toke” one-hitter-type pipes, might not have a lot room for any further finagling. You’ll must assess your bowl’s dimension and form to optimize the way it needs to be packed.

Ideally, you need to match as a lot weed into your bowl as doable whereas nonetheless sustaining correct air circulation, and never spilling good herb throughout your lap each time you move the pipe. 

A well-packed bowl ought to keep cherried after it’s first lit, permitting everybody within the sesh circle to attract smoke from the pipe with out having to flick a lighter each time. (Admittedly, tokers love to speak, too, and tangential conversations throughout the sesh might require lighting the bowl between each hit. And that’s completely regular.)

However, earlier than you’ll be able to even pack your bowl, you’ll want to interrupt up that weed first.

With a Grinder

If you happen to’ve obtained a grinder, grinding up the weed right into a fantastic, fluffy powder might be the best method to break up the buds. If you happen to’ve obtained a grinder with a kief catch, a.okay.a. a kief display, you’ll have some ground-up trichomes you can add to the bowl after packing it, too.

The benefit of utilizing grinder to pack a bowl is uniformity and effectivity. It is environment friendly as a result of grinding weed is a reasonably fast and simple course of. And it is uniform as a result of all of the weed has been floor as much as equally sized items, so there are not any little lumps or chunky bud-bits to take care of. It can in the end result in a extra even burn, too. 

The drawback of utilizing a grinder when packing your bowl can be a bonus for some individuals: It’ll hit extraordinarily exhausting with sizzling, harsh smoke. That’s as a result of grinding up weed makes it extra compact, so that you’re actually packing extra weed into the bowl than you’d should you broke up the flower by hand. However some of us dig that sort of harsh smoke as a result of it’s assured to get you, your folks, the canine, and probably even the neighbors strolling by your entrance window blitzed as shit.  


By Hand

Breaking apart buds by hand could be a time-consuming and painful process, particularly should you’ve obtained bigger arms or bigger-than-average fingers. Crushing a gram-sized nug is normally simple, however because it breaks down into smaller items, or as you start breaking apart smaller nugs nearer to the underside of the bottle (or plastic bag, for these of you in outlaw states), your fingers might get sore. Nonetheless, should you desire breaking apart weed by hand, you’ll by no means want to fret about carrying a grinder round, or having to scrub a grinder as soon as it will get gunked up with resin.

Ideally, for the smoothest smoking sesh, don’t break up any weed, by hand or grinder. Merely hand-select the smallest nugs that can slot in your bowl, press them in, and voila!, you’ve obtained light, frivolously flavored smoke rolling throughout your style buds. 


Complete Hog

Some cannabis connoisseurs would take the by-hand method one step additional: Simply drop a bowl-sized nug proper into the bowl. Clearly, this received’t work with super-dense nugs, however ethereal or fluffier buds ought to allow sufficient airflow by way of the flower to facilitate smoking. 

Why go together with an entire nug proper off the bat? In keeping with the aficionados, breaking apart, grinding, or in any other case crushing a bud destroys the trichomes, the glandular sacs (the “crystals”) that develop alongside the flowers. Trichomes comprise a lot of the bud’s cannabinoid and terpenoid contents, and, because the knowledge goes, wrecking the trichomes means dropping the terpenes to evaporation and maybe a number of the cannabinoids, too. (Maybe….)


The best way to Truly Pack the Bowl

When you’ve obtained your weed within the bowl, gently press it down along with your fingertip, although thumb ideas work greatest. Attempt to hold the highest stage of the bowl as stage as doable. Moreover, don’t pack it so exhausting that no air can pull by way of, however don’t pack it so frivolously that even a single puff singes up and may’t keep lit.

You may take a look at how effectively you’ve packed your bowl earlier than setting it a flame. After packing the bowl with weed, merely inhale some air by way of the pipe or bong, as should you had been smoking (however with out truly lighting the bowl). If air is coming by way of, your pack is sweet. If it feels caught, or the bong is sucking in your face tougher than you’re inhaling, then it’s packed too tightly. 

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To treatment a bowl packed too tight, poke the bowl with a straight, skinny poker-ma-bob (a paper clip, a hair pin, hanger, a dab wand). Or, should you’re capable of cowl the bowl along with your thumb or palm, cowl it, then blow out of the pipe (don’t do that with a water bong, otherwise you’ll simply shoot water up into your weed, which can then both land on you or the bottom. And then you definately or your surrounding will odor like bong water. Blah!). It’s best to blow the outlet on the backside of the bowl clear whereas nonetheless retaining the contents within the bowl (since you lined it, bear in mind?).

If you happen to’re smoking with individuals, move the pipe to your proper. After that, you’ll be able to simply sit again and benefit from the trip.

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