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Feeling like you need to have a tiny added pep in your step? Effectively Frosted Lime CBD Hemp Flower may possibly be just the point to get you out of your funk without the need of acquiring you blazed beyond comprehension, and you are in luck, since we have an remarkable deal on this strain, just for you!

Frosted Lime is a flavorful strain with upbeat and lively effects. It comes in robust with a bold citrus taste, due it the abundance of the limonene terpene, which is followed by a distinct skunky flavor towards the finish of the toke that hits the taste buds just correct. The skunk scent is all thanks the higher myrcene terpene content material.

These buds are sticky, crystally, and have just the correct blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. Also, since Frosted Lime only has trace amounts of THC and does not make the “stoned” effects, this strain is a wonderful selection for daytime use that can reduce by way of anxiousness and leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, and study to take on your day.

These buds include an impressive 15% CBD Content material and almost four% CBG as nicely. They also a total THC level of of .12%, as per final results from a third celebration lab, generating them federally compliant. 

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Frosted Lime CBD Hemp Flower Lineage

The lineage for this strain is fairly exciting. While it is a sativa-dominant hybrid – as are all CBD strains – a single of its parent strains is really an Indica-leaning cultivar. Frosty is a well-liked indica that is nicely-recognized for its mellow (bordering on couch-lock) effects.

The growers did a very good job of maintaining their cultivation secrets below wraps. As of now, the other strains that had been bred with Frost to make Frosted Lime stay undisclosed. Nonetheless, we do know that the mystery strain is a citrus-primarily based sativa cultivar.

Cultivation Recommendations

Although some individuals may possibly be disappointed to locate a seed in their stash, I usually welcome just a couple of – since that indicates I can try to develop the strain at residence. And just to be clear, I’ve discovered occasional seeds in some genuine fire strains, so it is not just the low grade stuff that has it.

Anyway, irrespective of whether you choose a seed or two out of your buds, or you purchase some from a seedbank, right here are a couple of issues to maintain in thoughts if you strategy on increasing your personal Frosted Lime plant.

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Initially of all, it is sativa dominant so count on it develop tall. It is an early-finishing strain that generally is prepared for harvest about mid to late September. Flowering time is roughly eight weeks and it grows nicely each indoors and outdoors. Due to its hardiness and mold-resistance, increasing this cultivar outdoors may possibly be far more price successful. Frosted lime will yield about 1-four pounds of flower per plant.

The Deal

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