Considering about beginning regualr CBD-only remedy for migraines and discomfort. : Marijuana


I’ve(24/F) identified that I cant smoke normal THC &amp CBD recreational weed any longer. Anxiousness, and so forth. Nevertheless I do use it to treat frequent migraines, insomnia, and joint discomfort from previous athletic injuries that have left me with permanent discomfort and nerve harm. What is your practical experience with CBD only? I’d like to have the painkilling effects, but I do not like to be stoned any longer, or at least I dont like to really feel mentally fuzzy and stupid like I do when I am higher. I kinda really feel like I’ve grown out of enjoying that and it tends to make me anxious, and I really feel useless for the rest of the day. What are your thoughts with CBD only? Experiences? How equivalent is it to a THC higher? I am not quite familiar with it. If it is some thing that may possibly perform for me, I’d like to switch more than ASAP. I hate feeling like shit regularly and any prescription meds are 100% off the table.


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