Pie Face: Why Colorado Tokers Appreciate This Strain


Absolutely nothing screams awkward adolescent like a whitehead. I’m in my late twenties and nevertheless wake up with a pulsating demon of puberty on my forehead from time to time. I also have the sense of humor and social aptitude of a thirteen-year-old, so perhaps the occasional zit is just a reminder of who I seriously am inside. Either way, colour my grill grateful for avoiding a accurate acne curse in higher college. If I hadn’t, Pie Face likely wouldn’t look as attractive as it does currently.

A cross of Cherry Pie and Face Off OG from Oregon breeder Archive Seed Bank, Pie Face (also known as Pie Face OG) is identified as a functional hybrid with a sweet, dirty flavor reminiscent of fruity tea notes and potent bubble hash. In spite of the hash-heavy flavor, Pie Face’s potency is not normally on the leading tier at the dispensary, and the higher makes it possible for for affordable concentrate and power. These active effects, combined with Pie Face’s tension-relieving qualities, have pushed the strain’s recognition outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

It is difficult to inform what Pie Face’s ceiling is commercially in Colorado. The strain’s affable effects and multi-layered flavor are additional than desirable for buyers, but for growers in a market place thirsty for quantity, Pie Face’s ten-week flowering period and typical yields are not attractive. But property growers, significantly less concerned with these attributes, have taken a liking to Archive’s creation, and seeds of the strain are nevertheless moving about out there.

We’ve spotted Pie Face at Bonfire Cannabis, Denver Recreational Dispensary, Emerald Fields, Regional Item of Colorado, Levels, Lucy Sky, Prima Cannabis Corporation and Solace Meds. My favourite take so far comes from Denver Recreational, which has two various phenotypes of Pie Face. While differing slightly in flavor, each cuts taste like a joint dipped in sweet tea.

Appears: Segmented and commonly dense, Pie Face’s calyxes have a tendency to develop out initially, and then up. The oval and triangular buds can foxtail, as properly, providing the forest-green and violet buds a really contemporary, West Coast vibe.

Smell: Pie Face’s Cherry Pie lineage is not really noticeable, even though the strain does carry some sweet berry hints. Its fruitiness is typically overshadowed by scents of bitter pine and hash, as properly as heavy floral notes.

Flavor: It is normally exciting (and uncommon) when a strain’s flavor showcases some qualities you missed in the smell, and Pie Face does just that. Hoppy, piney flavors and zesty hints of hash cling to the sides of your tongue, with a sour-cherry and citrus aftertaste sneaking in and staying about.

Effects: Very good for morning and daytime sessions, Pie Face’s relaxing qualities have a tendency to hit the thoughts additional than the physique. Customers are in a position to take on property tasks and activities with significantly less tension and soreness, and middle to higher tolerances can maintain the munchies at bay till the mission’s full.

House grower’s take: “Traded some Purple Sherbet to a pal in the Bay for Pie Face OG not as well extended ago. It was scrumptious in a fruity-tea sorta way, but it nevertheless had these dank Kush tastes, as well, so it was type of new in that way. Tended to have a robust initial hit but weak puffs immediately after. The higher was good throughout the day, even though, and kept me content material properly via the afternoon. Haven’t heard considerably about it out right here however.”

Industrial grower’s take: “Pie Face has some quite fantastic medicinal effects. It tends to calm our shoppers’ stomachs devoid of going crazy on their appetites, which is fantastic for folks who just want aid consuming devoid of eliminating their discipline. It is also fantastic for headaches and eye discomfort, I hear. You likely will not see Pie Face blow up out right here, for the reason that it requires a when to bloom and is not the largest producer. Some growers know it far better than other folks, even though, so you will nevertheless see it about.”

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