Puff, puff, pass… a gourd? (How to make a gourd bong)


Pumpkin bongs might be all the rage, but have you ever believed about a gourd bong? Mini gourds come in all sorts of incredible fall colors, they’re of optimal size for a session, and they are super very simple to construct! If you are feeling fallish and festive, here’s how turn a gourd into your new favourite piece:

Choose your gourd

Mini gourds are commonly pretty affordable, so locate a handful of that speak to you at your neighborhood farmer’s marketplace or grocery shop. The best gourd will be a bit hollow by nature, be effortless to hold, and will let for a comfy location to rest your lips!

Come across a slide

bongYou are going to outfit your gourd with a slide for a bong. We utilised a 14mm slide (like the glass element you see above). If you can borrow a single from a bong in your collection, excellent! If you do not have a single, a very simple slide can be ordered à la carte for as tiny as 10 bucks. Or, get fancy with anything extra customized! Badassglass.com has tons of entertaining alternatives.

Fitting the slide

In contrast to a large ol’ pumpkin, you will not need to have to gut your gourd. But you will need to have to carve a handful of holes! A extended, skinny, serrated edged knife—one that is developed for pumpkin carving—is best. Insert your knife close to the middle of a single side of the gourd, carving deeply, ‘til the knife tip reaches the gourd’s center. The diameter of the hole demands to be just a bit smaller sized than the slide you will be inserting. This will assure the match is good and snug! Firmly push your slide into the hole, wiggling and twisting ‘til it requires. If it is not possible to push in, carve away a tiny extra gourd flesh and maintain attempting till it is totally inserted.

Enable for airflow

As soon as your slide and your gourd have develop into a single, carve a compact hole on the opposing side, pushing the knife all the way into the center of the gourd. You really should be capable to really feel a bit of empty space inside. Place your mouth to the new hole and suck in. If you get some air, you are superior to go! If you do not, attempt opening the hole a tiny wider till you really feel the airflow.

Pack it up

Now, the entertaining aspect. Pack your bowl, and give your new piece a go. Get pleasure from the essence of squash as you smoke your favourite strain. A fresh gourd bong is ideal, but you could in all probability maintain your carving in the fridge for a day or two to get extra bang from your bong!

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