The Halloween Tale of Marijuana Handed Out to Trick-or-Treaters is as Actual as a Ghost Story


Telling parents to worry that their children could possibly be handed an highly-priced edible is just one more way to make marijuana and its customers the boogeyman.

There are lots of myths and legends that surround Halloween evening, and some are even rooted in truth and in history. Other folks, nonetheless, are not.

For instance, the origin of the “poisoned Halloween candy” story that returns every single year to bedevil parents dates back to 1964 in Lengthy Island, New York, when a disturbed housewife there handed out treats containing arsenic. The lady, 47, claimed it was a “joke” and that she did it due to the fact she believed some of the trick-or-treaters who rang her doorbell had been “too old.” She was later committed to a hospital for examination.

– Study the complete post at NBC News.


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