I am Dr. Michael Siegel, researcher focusing on tobacco manage policies & their effect on youth & adult smoking behavior. AMA about the youth vaping epidemic & respiratory illness outbreak. : Marijuana


I am Michael Siegel, a doctor and professor in the Division of Neighborhood Wellness Sciences at the Boston University College of Public Wellness. I have been a tobacco researcher for the previous 30 years, focusing on tobacco manage, exposure, and policies.

Though I educated in epidemiology for two years at the Centers for Illness Manage and Prevention – I disagree with the CDC’s strategy to addressing the current surge in vaping-linked respiratory illnesses.

The public is becoming misled into considering that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes like JUUL are causing the outbreak. Ask me something about widespread misconceptions associated to the youth vaping crisis, and what the government and corporations can do to lessen this danger to youth. Especially, I can speak about:

– Why JUUL and lots of other regulated nicotine-containing e-cigarettes sold at retail shops are most most likely NOT causing the vaping epidemic

-How THC (marijuana) vapes and black-industry merchandise are contributing to the widespread vaping-associated injuries and deaths – specially amongst youth

-Variations among vape merchandise – and their corresponding overall health advantages and dangers

-Why the overall health issues with e-cigarettes ought to not be focused on flavors, but as an alternative on the higher levels of nicotine

-How eliminating nicotine e-liquids will not stop additional situations from occurring. Rather, it will develop the unregulated black industry for e-liquids that stay effortlessly obtainable on the internet, and deadly

-How a ban on flavors would have critical and instant adverse effects on the U.S. and state economies

-How by cautiously and thoughtfully regulating merchandise, rather than banning them, you can maximize the public-overall health utility of electronic cigarettes as harm-reduction tools, whilst at the exact same time minimizing the dangers to youth

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