The DEA: Master Procrastinators – The Procedure of an Application


The DEA: Master Procrastinators – The Procedure of an Application

If government agencies had been measured about how effective they are, arguably the D.E.A is 1 of the most inefficient agencies on the planet.


From inception in 1973 till date, their only mandate was to


“enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States, and bring to the criminal and civil justice method of the United States, or any competent jurisdiction, organizations and their principal members involved in the developing, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances appearing, in or destined for, illicit targeted traffic in the United States, and advocate and assistance non-enforcement applications aimed at minimizing availability of illicit controlled substances.” – DEA


Irrespective of the metric you use to measure the functionality capabilities of the DEA, they have faired fairly miserably more than the previous 50-some years.


Not only have they not been in a position to “control the flow illicit drugs”, 1 can argue that they had been the really explanation why illicit drug cartels grew to the transnational-scopes they are now.


A single of the essential functions of the DEA is to grant permission to researchers, scientists, and institutions to conduct study on presently labeled “illicit drugs”. Cannabis is 1 of these drugs along with a slew of other potentially really useful substances on the planet.


If you appear at the history of the DEA, they have been recognized to “stonewall” cannabis study about just about every corner. It wasn’t up till the late 90s that they permitted “scientific research” with no a bias. Previously, all of their grants pertained largely to study that would “show the damaging effects of cannabis”. Most of their study came up with useful items – but that is yet another story.


Right now we’re taking a closer appear at just how the DEA can get away with Stalling Study legally and how it is a detriment to society on a bigger scale.


A Much more Current Instance


Let’s not dive into the history of how they stalled petitions more than and more than once again – we have a additional present instance to operate on.


Here’s a snippet from Marijuana Moment that will offer you with some insight into what I’m speaking about –

DEA was sued in June right after declining to act on the additional than two dozen applications that it received for approval to cultivate cannabis for study purposes. It is been additional than 3 years considering that the agency 1st announced it was opening the method to contemplate extra producers.


The suit, brought by the Scottsdale Study Institute (SRI), argued that the marijuana grown at the University of Mississippi—currently the only facility that is federally authorized to cultivate the plant—is of poor excellent, does not reflect the diversity of goods obtainable on the industrial marketplace and is as a result inadequate for clinical research. – Marijuana Moment


The Court lately ruled in favor of the DEA due to some sneaky technicalities the agency does to circumvent the law.


In this distinct case, the DEA had an August deadline to respond to legal challenges. The agency did so by writing a speedy memo stating, “They have to modify the guidelines of applications”, which for some explanation was sufficient of a justification to get them off the hook. According to the court, “The DEA had fulfilled its specifications with that memo”.


But what did they really do? All they did was mention that they will be pondering about how they would go about processing applications. This implies, years could go previous if they are “thinking” about “planning” to do “something” about what ever they are asked for.


The DEA has lengthy been guilty of these sorts of shady techniques. They wait till the really final moment to send off a mere letter or some other sort of justification to stall any advancement in the study aspect or scheduling of cannabis.


They also use the FDA as a scapegoat to make the method even longer. According to the DEA, they will obtain the request, they would move it to the FDA (who will initiate a panel to talk about what is getting petitioned). This panel assembly could take a handful of months to a year to comprehensive. Then, after they have gone by way of the whole proposal, they will then send the request to the “Department of Health” who will then make a panel to talk about the findings of the FDA. Who would then send it back to the FDA, for revision, who would then send it back to the DEA, who will assemble a panel to talk about the findings of each the FDA and the DOH.


Then, and only then will they deny any request to study or de-schedule cannabis.


The whole method of bureaucratic bullshit can take years, and with this mechanism, they have been prosperous at stifling study and creating drugs additional unsafe for every person.


Why this is negative for us all!


Let’s say that “drugs” are as negative as the DEA claims it to be. If so, why are we maintaining researchers from it? Wouldn’t it make additional sense to study the items that are unsafe to us, and make it either safer or make methods to treat the symptoms of therefore mentioned “bad drugs”?


This would be logical. Having said that, the DEA does not operate below logic or explanation. They are merely the guard dogs to the Pharmaceutical market, applying drug laws to stifle study into substances that can offer additional effective options to a host of pharma drugs.




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