How cannabis vape businesses can manage the vaping crisis


(This is an abridged version of a story that seems in the November-December problem of Marijuana Organization Magazine.)

The greatest improvement in the marijuana space this year has been a vaping-associated overall health crisis, in which hundreds of Americans have fallen ill and a lot more than 3 dozen have died from pulmonary illnesses linked to vaping.

Wellness officials mentioned that most of the vaped solutions involved have contained THC.

Victims in Illinois and Wisconsin – the initially states to alert the nation to vaping-associated illnesses – admitted to employing marijuana solutions from the black industry, not legally licensed marijuana companies.

That does not imply, on the other hand, that legal marijuana businesses are off the hook.

In truth, it may behoove legal marijuana businesses to take preventive measures now to brace for legal action that could be coming and lessen the possible for harm triggered by such lawsuits.

For instance, a Washington state man filed a lawsuit against six marijuana vape firms for their alleged roles in his lung illness. A lot more lawsuits of that sort are anticipated.

“There actually haven’t been a lot of solution-liability claims but,” mentioned Rachel Gillette, a Denver-primarily based cannabis lawyer with Greenspoon Marder. “I say ‘yet’ due to the fact they’re bound to be coming.”

With that in thoughts, Marijuana Organization Magazine spoke with professionals in the field about how cannabis company owners can ideal prepare for possible litigation associated to the vaping crisis:

For a lot more of Marijuana Organization Daily’s ongoing coverage of the vaping crisis, click right here.


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