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Dr. Norm’s Wellness Review

  • Dr. Norm’s Wellness Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Dr. Norm’s Wellness Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Quality & Mission Badges.

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Dr. Norm’s Wellness: 60-Second Summary

Taste the cookie, not the medicine. Dr. Norm’s mantra serves this CBD cookie brand well — their award-winning CBD cookies are probably some of the best around. We also love their secondary motto, “Know your dose.” Dr. Norm’s prides themselves on accurate dosing in each bite-sized CBD cookie they make. If they could just make a few tweaks, we can definitely see a higher rating in the future for this lovable brand.

Dr. Norm’s Wellness Brand Review

Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson are a brother-sister team with some serious background in the cookie business. They started the Audrey’s Cookies brand, an all-natural cookie company you can find in Whole Foods, Sprouts, and other grocery stores all over the country. After this success, they wanted to create a special CBD wellness treat that would honor their father, Dr. Norm Kaz. And so, Dr. Norm’s was born.

The awards soon followed; this family outfit has garnered major popularity in the cannabis community along with multiple awards like Best Social Edibles at the 2019 SoCal Cannabis Cup. Dr. Norm’s seems to have struck the perfect balance of potent cannabidiol dosing with a delicious taste that lacks that hempy flavor that turns many people off. Their CBD cookies are bite-sized with 15mg CBD isolate in each and just 40 calories per cookie. Each bag of Dr. Norm’s contains 10 CBD cookies that promise accurate dosing and joy in every bite.

We love that the Dr. Norm’s team are self-proclaimed dosage sticklers. Accurate dosing with CBD edibles really requires that manufacturers go the extra mile, and this brand totally does. Their CBD cookies are made in the USA, 100% natural, and totally THC free.

Dr. Norm’s is frustratingly close to the Safety Badge, and we really think they deserve it for all their honesty. But alas, rules are rules, and because the company currently does not post a test for heavy metals (they cover everything else we require), we cannot award the Safety Badge yet.

Dr. Norm’s CBD cookies come in two varieties: the original Chocolate Chip Therapy and the vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy. While we don’t know the exact geographic source of their CBD hemp, since we can verify that it is free of contaminants with third-party testing, we have awarded Dr. Norm’s the Quality Badge.

If this adorable, quality-obsessed CBD cookie expert can just post a heavy metals test and do some charitable giving, they can easily get to four badges. Dr. Norm’s has all the trappings of a well-to-do CBD vendor you can trust.

Bottom Line – Dr. Norm’s has a delicious line of CBD cookies, and there’s no doubting the quality and heart behind their creations. A couple of minor changes is all they need to rank higher.

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Badges For Dr. Norm’s Wellness

Dr. Norm's Wellness ReviewQuality Verified

Dr. Norm’s uses CBD distillate that is independently tested and is free of THC, pesticides, and residual solvents.

Dr. Norm's Wellness ReviewMission Verified

Dr. Norm’s mission is to make only the most delicious CBD edibles.


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Dr. Norm’s Wellness

Dr. Norm's Wellness Review


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