How to Make CBD Honey


Infusing honey with CBD is a rapid and uncomplicated procedure that creates a CBD sweetener that can be added to a variety of meals and beverages to make your personal DIY CBD edibles. 

Hunting for a sweet way to use CBD as a each day supplement, attempt infusing CBD with honey. CBD honey is terrific on its personal as a sweet CBD supplement swallowed from a spoon, but it can also be utilized to develop CBD edibles like CBD yogurt parfaits, CBD tea, CBD smoothies, and far more. 

You do not have to be an specialist in the kitchen to make your personal CBD honey in your kitchen. With just a handful of straightforward methods, you could be adding this CBD infused sweetener to your foods and drinks at house. 

Creating CBD Honey

This recipe will deliver about 16.five mg of CBD in every single tablespoon serving, but the recipe is conveniently altered to meet your preferences. 

Each and every mg of powdered CBD isolate is around 1 mg of CBD. It is uncomplicated to modify this recipe to use far more or much less CBD, generating it a snap to adjust the quantity of CBD per serving to ideal match your wants. 

You can also adjust how a great deal CBD honey you make at a time. This recipe makes use of a complete 24 oz bottle of honey (offered in any grocery shop). Nevertheless, you can make as a great deal or as small as you want in every single batch. 

This recipe calls for working with a double boiler or slow cooker that will preserve the honey from burning. If you do not have access to a double boiler, then you can use a saucepan. When working with a saucepan, use low heat and stir frequently to preserve the honey from burning. 

What you will have to have:

  • Double boiler (or related heating technique)
  • Honey – 24 oz (or preferred quantity)
  • RSHO&#x2122 CBD Isolate – 500 mg
  • Glass jar for storage


  1. Combine honey and CBD isolate in double boiler. 
  2. Heat to a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  3. Stir continually as CBD dissolves into honey. 
  4. As soon as CBD is completely dissolved into honey, take away from heat.
  5. Prior to completely cooling, transfer CBD honey into glass jar for storage. 

If you adhere to this recipe as written, 24 oz of honey will deliver about 30 servings of 1 tablespoon every single. There will be just more than 16 ½ milligrams of CBD in every single serving.  

You do not have to have to preserve your CBD honey in the refrigerator. Just shop in an airtight container at space temperature. 

Why CBD Edibles

Infusing foods and beverages with CBD is a terrific way to add the advantages of hemp derived CBD into your diet program. When CBD is taken with meals, the physique is capable to far more effectively absorb the CBD and other cannabinoids ahead of transporting all through the physique. 

Right here is far more about why you must take CBD oil with meals

You can use our 99 % pure CBD Isolate from RSHO&#x2122 to infuse your edibles like our CBD honey. This pure CBD powder can be blended into foods and beverages to develop any quantity of CBD edibles. 

There are actually dozens and dozens of feasible recipes. Use our CBD recipes to stimulate your inventive cooking juices. Hold in thoughts that it is not recommended that you cook with CBD, in particular at higher heat, as performing so can diminish potency.

You can also use RSHO&#x2122 CBD concentrates to develop your CBD honey. For the reason that these pure CBD oils are complete spectrum, they offer you far more than just CBD, infusing your honey with all the exact same helpful nutrients, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant. 

RSHO&#x2122 CBD concentrates come in a wide variety of CBD concentrations, so some math will be necessary to formulate a serving size that operates ideal for you. Just divide the quantity of CBD you add by 30 to get the quantity of CBD per 1 tablespoon serving. 

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