Massachusetts regulators quarantine health-related vape solutions as ban expires


The state’s Cannabis Manage Commission has quarantined health-related marijuana vaping solutions as the state agency stated it will seek to test the substances. 

The commission had indicated final week that it could order retail shops and dispensaries to quarantine solutions if Gov. Charlie Baker’s ban on health-related marijuana vapes expired this week. On Tuesday the commission took action, instituting a quarantine on marijuana oil solutions such as vape pens, vape cartridges, aerosol solutions, and inhalers. 

The commission’s quarantine is not as broad as the governor’s ban. The commission will enable vaping of marijuana flower, which marijuana advocates say is not as helpful as vaping oil.

The commission stated in a release that the quarantine is important soon after the U.S. Centers for Ailments Manage and Prevention located on Friday that numerous of the vaping illnesses have been tied to a substance named vitamin E acetate.

“The Commission’s current testing regulations and protocols do not call for testing for vitamin E acetate,” the commission stated in its Tuesday release. “Based on existing manufacturing processes, it is feasible that legal marijuana solutions sold in the state could include vitamin E acetate or other prospective components of concern. As element of the Commission’s quarantine order issued Tuesday, licensed Marijuana Establishments and Health-related Marijuana Therapy Centers are expected to quarantine solutions on administrative hold in the state’s mandated seed-to-sale tracking program of record.” [Read More @ Boston Business Journal]


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