Mitt Romney’s Newest Legislative Push Is Absolute Garbage


However, a moral panic more than vaping has spread far and wide all through the United States. Elected official, which includes President Trump, have fallen for the hype surrounding numerous deaths connected to the practice.

The problem? These deaths are all a outcome of illegally mixing THC with regular vaping supplies. As I wrote numerous months ago, the government ought to not be attempting to repair a challenge that does not truly exist.

Almost every single present case that is getting looked in this rash of new vaping illnesses requires the (illegal) use of THC. This truly has practically nothing to do with vaping itself. There is no actual hyperlink amongst lung illness and inhaling water vapor mixed with nicotine.

There’s also not even significantly proof that children vaping is somehow a lot more prevalent than tobacco use was ahead of vaping was an choice. Yes, we’ve noticed a drop in smoking amongst teenagers. It is not a coincidence even though that it has tracked with a rise in vaping. In other words, children are trading a deadly habit for one particular that is largely harmless unless you mix it with illicit substances.

The reality that teenagers are morons shouldn’t surprise any person, but their stupidity shouldn’t lead to government bans that in the end will result in millions a lot more deaths in the approach. Vaping, when carried out the way it is intended, is primarily harmless and there’s no science to say otherwise.

So what does Mitt Romney do? Propose to ban all flavored vapes and raise taxes of course, due to the fact conservatism or one thing.

All the things Romney does is a throwback to 1990s Republicanism. From his continual moral preening, to his refusal to ever engage politically when it would call for fortitude, to his frequently malleable views on anything. Even his abortion views are essentially what every single noodle-spined Republican in 1996 subscribed to.

Banning flavored vapes is idiotic on so numerous levels. You are taking away one particular of the key strategies in which smokers are drawn to quit an truly deadly habit. Flavors give incentive to switch and without the need of them, numerous will just go back to cigarettes. Mindless politicians and media personalities will attempt to claim that vaping has harmed the progress we’ve created with ending teenage nicotine use but the truth is, it is vaping that is just drawn most of them away from smoking. With no an option, you’d see prices of tobacco use rise once again.

However, President Trump hasn’t been immune to this idiocy, as he’s publicly stated several instances that one thing need to be carried out about vaping. Speculation is that Melania Trump is behind has major influence on this subject, but we do not elect a Initial Lady for a explanation. She shouldn’t be producing policy any longer than Hillary ought to have on healthcare. If the government desires to do some ad campaigns warning about illicit use of THC, go ahead, but something previous that will only have unintended consequences that outweigh the present scenario.

As I mentioned in my preceding short article on this subject, I do not vape. I do not smoke. I have no dog in this race except the principled position that government shouldn’t be banning issues and that when major brother gets involved, the benefits are ordinarily far worse than had practically nothing at all been carried out.

But hopefully, now that Mitt Romney is taking the lead right here, the will President back off out of pure spite. He of course has a lot more than a handful of issues with the Utah Senator. Meanwhile, this is but an additional reminder why Romney is not the future of the Republican celebration.


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