Nikki Furrer on Her Book, A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis


Nikki Furrer’s venture into green ganja pastures has been a winding one particular. The lawyer turned cannabis consultant is coming to Phoenix to talk about her journey and sign copies of her book, A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis: Utilizing Marijuana to Really feel Superior, Appear Superior, Sleep Superior — and Get Higher Like a Lady.

“I went to law college, and then I took the Bar and worked in New York for a handful of years in publishing. From there, I went back to St. Louis and opened up an independent bookstore. When I ran out of revenue with the bookstore and closed it, I was like ‘I do not know what to do with myself,'” stated Furrer in an interview with Phoenix New Instances. I just wanted a break and longed for anything new, so I moved to Denver — to the mountains — to perform in weed.”

Furrer promptly picked up on the ins and outs of the burgeoning business, operating with a variety of cultivation facilities and dispensaries. “I wondered to myself, ‘How do you develop 10,000 plants at as soon as and how do you sell $10,000 worth of weed a day? It helped me get the lay of the land.”

When Illinois legalized health-related marijuana in 2013, Furrer packed her bags and headed to the Prairie State to be closer to her St. Louis dwelling.

“It really is neat to see a new business it is like the world-wide-web boom of the ’90s. Becoming from St. Louis, exactly where they are quite proud of their beer, individuals are nevertheless writing books about what it was like in the years soon after Prohibition when every thing got up and operating once again,” Furrer continues.

And individuals are nevertheless writing books about cannabis, clearly. Furrer’s book, released on Christmas final year, covers subjects like how to navigate a standard dispensary, how to decrease discomfort with topicals, and the distinction among THC, CBD, and terpenes — plus 20 dank recipes using flower, wax, and shatter.

“I went into my regional dispensary one particular day to shop and was speaking to a budtender about the book, and this other buyer got so furious at me simply because the book was about girls. I was like, ‘Okay, say the word menopause.’ He says, ‘No, I will not do it.’ And I was like, ‘That’s why we will need the book!’ Ladies have to deal with menopause, males do not, and you do not want us to speak about it,” Furrer recalls. “We will need our personal space to talk about menopause and PMS and cramps, and how we use cannabis to enable deal with that.

“I wrote the book simply because operating behind the counter as a budtender in dispensaries, I had so lots of older girls come in who had not performed this in forever or had under no circumstances performed it. They just required an individual to inform them, ‘Look, 5 or 10 milligrams — that is all you will need.'”

As a cannabis consultant, Furrer aids startups with tasks from solution improvement and cultivation to education bud trimmers, which she recalls fondly. “It is the enthusiastic stoner area. A trim area that is in chaos is certainly terrifying.”

Furrer does not shy away from discussing cannabis with child boomers, either. “My mom is in her 70s, and her buddies ask for cannabis extra than my buddies do — and my buddies ask a lot. The child boomers wanna get higher. There is no stigma, they are prepared for it. Something that reduces their discomfort, they are fully fine with it.”

As for her preferred celebrity marijuana advocate, Martha Stewart requires (and bakes) the cake. “Martha Stewart does not come out and say she’s into weed, but you know she is. I saw anything on her web page that was like ‘Oh you can develop your herbs in a small box in your kitchen. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, now Martha is going to show us how to develop weed. This is wonderful!”

Furrer will be at the book-signing occasion at Urban Yard, 706 South Second Street, from four to 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 16.


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