Study Finds Marijuana Aids Alleviate Depression and Suicidality


A current survey of a lot more than 24,000 Canadians with PTSD discovered that these applying marijuana had decreased depression and suicidal thoughts.

Depression and suicidal thoughts are widespread symptoms of men and women suffering from PTSD, Health-related Xpress reported.

The study discovered that PTSD suffers that do not use marijuana are about 7 instances a lot more probably to encounter a period of extreme depression and are four.7 instances a lot more probably to have suicidal thoughts.

Lead author Stephanie Lake stated, “We know that with restricted remedy solutions for PTSD, several individuals have taken to medicating with cannabis to alleviate their symptoms. Nevertheless, this is the very first time that final results from a nationally representative survey have shown the possible advantages of treating the disorder with cannabis.”

Senior author Dr. Milloy stated, “We’re only just starting to have an understanding of what the therapeutic possible of cannabis may well be for a wide variety of overall health circumstances. These findings are promising, and merit additional study in order to completely have an understanding of the advantages of cannabis for men and women living with PTSD.”

The study was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.



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