Yocan Cerum Atomizer Assessment


Lots of entry-level options are extra than adequate to satisfy our fundamental vaping requirements. Incredibly normally, although, that is not adequate.

If you are a extra demanding purchaser who requirements extra from their vaporizer, Yocan Cerum jumps in to the rescue. This totally ceramic atomizer can make a definitely astounding aroma and a flavor that is incredibly tough to replicate.

Who would have believed that such a uncomplicated item can be so potent! Then once again, Yocan stands behind it, so we shouldn’t be also shocked.

Let’s see what tends to make Yocan Cerum so fantastic and who ought to appear forward to getting it more than other atomizers.

Enterprise overview

If there’s a single firm that knows how to provide excellent solutions for a very reasonably priced value, that would undoubtedly be Yocan. This Chinese-primarily based firm is a synonym for higher-high quality vaping nowadays and is a single of the most recognizable names in the market.

Yocan has won quite a few awards more than the years and with fantastic cause. Their very first item was the legendary Yocan Evolve. It was the very first vape pen with a operating coil cap and also the very first vaporizer on the market place that could effortlessly compete with extra high-priced models.

Constructing on their very first accomplishment, the firm continued to generate outstanding solutions – Evolve Plus, Evolve Plus XL, Hive two., Stix, and several extra. Though all of these vaporizers are distinctive and diverse from a single an additional, they nevertheless have a single issue in prevalent – extraordinary high quality.

The heating attachments that come with these devices are no exception and have all the similar high quality trademarks that you can come across in a common Yocan item.

Technical specifications

If you are a cannabisvaping gear enthusiast, then you know how significant an atomizer is. For these of you just beginning to vape, an atomizer is the core of a vaporizer.

It is the heating element of the device that is accountable for heating your concentrates and can be created particularly for dry herbs, shatter, wax, or oils.

Yocan Cerum is geared towards wax vapers who are hunting to increase their vaping practical experience and  will need a thing extra potent.

And that is what you get with the Yocan Cerum:

  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Coil compatibility: Dual quartz coil, ceramic donut coil (sold separately)
  • Encouraged Wattage: 15-25W
  • Resistance: .eight ohm
  • Cost: Get it for $19.99 at Bloomgroove

Unboxing Yocan Cerum

The Yocan Cerum box consists of:

  • 1 Yocan Cerum atomizer
  • 1 replacement coil

Right here we have to highlight the Yocan Cerum coil function.  Initial, the quartz dual coil enables a quick heat up time and can generate fantastic vapor with large clouds.

Second, this requires us to the style of the Yocan Cerum which enables you to in fact swap out the coils, which implies you can switch from a  quartz dual coil to a ceramic donut coil (for dry herbs and wax) effortlessly.

So you can switch the default quartz dual rod coil out when it gets worn out. Do not be concerned, although, it will not take place that normally.

Design and style and characteristics

If I could decide on only 3 words that I would describe the style of Yocan Cerum with, they would be – compact, sleek, and transportable. Yocan Cerum is a single of the most versatile strong concentrate atomizers on the market place and it is a simplistic but extremely functional item.

The atomizer consists of various diverse components – ceramic tube, ceramic coil cap, quartz dual coil, and ceramic base. All elements beneath the ceramic tube are stacked and can be taken apart for straightforward access.

Just lightly twist the leading ceramic tube off and pull up on coil cap to reveal the coil heating chamber (exactly where you deposit your contrate). You can then twist the coil itself off to replace or to swap it out for a ceramic donut coil. The base itself can then be twisted off the battery just as effortlessly.

As opposed to several comparable options, the item comes with a pretty modest heating chamber, which is not necessarily a terrible issue. In reality, it suits the device’s idea of sleek, transportable but functional style completely.

Two air holes on the side of the ceramic base enable channel air into the heating chamber and by way of the ceramic cup’s air inlets, delivering extra airflow by way of the atomizer as you pull.

One particular issue that may possibly bug you, although, is that you will will need to get the batteries on your personal. Fortunately, the compatibility is rather fantastic. As an atomizer, the Yocan Cerum is compatible and interchangeable with other common vaporizers and batteries.

The Yocan Cerum comes with a extensively prevalent 510 threaded connection, which most devices are created with. In other words, you shouldn’t have also several problems to come across the optimal answer.

Yet another item to mention about the battery compatibility is the battery energy itself. As noted in the tech specs, the Yocan Cerum performs very best with 15-25W batteries, which will give the wattage required for a fantastic wax vaping session. Something under that will outcome in subpar efficiency and something above that dangers damaging the item.

Vapor high quality

As the Yocan Cerum is a heating attachment mostly produced for individuals who want extra from their vaping sessions, you can rest assured that, with this atomizer, the high quality of your vapor will be extraordinary. The flavor is deep, potent, and delivers a definitely outstanding practical experience.

The Yocan Cerum is pretty much totally produced of ceramic, a kind of material that serves as a fantastic insulator. This produces a slower heat time, but simply because ceramic is a neutral material, it doesn’t  effect the flavors, which is what tends to make it such a potent flavor booster.

Alternatively of a normal fiber wick, the Yocan Cerum utilizes a quartz dual coil that gives exceptional smoothness. And that is not all – you can enhance the high quality even extra with a ceramic donut coil.

Yocan naturally wanted to please the most demanding consumers with this idea, and I can say, they did a genuinely fantastic job right here.

Ease of use

As this is just a heating attachment, Yocan Cerum virtually has no studying curve whatsoever. All you will need to do is screw your Yocan Cerum into the battery, and voila – you are prepared to vape! Very uncomplicated, is not it?

Cleaning and upkeep

You can clean your Yocan Cerum just like you would clean any other vaping device, except there’s significantly much less perform to be performed right here.

The frequency for cleaning Yocan Cerum depends on your vaping and session habits. If you are a frequent wax vaper, I advise cleaning it at least as soon as each day for the very best output.

As usually, isopropyl alcohol will do wonders right here and it will make your job even extra uncomplicated. You can just soak all the ceramic components in the alcohol for a bit, rinse them off and air dry overnight.

As to the quartz rod coils – these are, by their nature, tougher to clean. But you can comply with this Yocan coil cleaning guide to enable you out. You also have the choice of replacing the coils absolutely right after a quantity of utilizes.

One particular issue you can do to enable maintain the coils maintained is to guarantee you absolutely finish your bowl of heated concentrates very first do not leave any liquid substances unvaped in the heating chamber.

Yet another issue to note is the size of the modest heating chamber talked about earlier. Though this is good for the sleek style, the size of the chamber tends to make it straightforward to overfill if you are not cautious. Your concentrate can block and leak out by way of the side air holes, affecting your pull and, additionally, leaving you with a mess to clean up.

Further accessories

You can effortlessly obtain replacement coils in case the quartz dual rod coil is no longer functional or beyond upkeep.

In addition to that, you can obtain a ceramic donut coil separately to enhance the vapor high quality even extra. It is not high-priced at all and will spend off tremendously.

Who ought to obtain Yocan Cerum?

Every person who desires to make their vaping sessions extra enjoyable ought to undoubtedly look at having Yocan Cerum. If you want deep, excellent flavor, and sturdy, extended-lasting effects, this is the item for you.

Who shouldn’t obtain Yocan Cerum?

Yocan Cerum does not have any significant deal-breaking downsides, but two challenges come to thoughts (and I’ve talked about each of them briefly).

Initial of all, you will not get a battery with the item, so you will will need to get that separately or currently have a single.

Second, having the appropriate battery can be problematic as Yocan Cerum is not compatible with all of them. If you are the kind of particular person who likes to get every thing incorporated in a single package, you may possibly not be totally happy with this give.


  • Yocan Cerum is a single of the most sleek and functionally created atomizers on the market place
  • It comes with an reasonably priced value tag
  • The vapor high quality is beyond outstanding
  • The all round item is rather straightforward to clean and preserve


  • The battery is not incorporated in the box
  • You may possibly have some battery compatibility problems
  • Novices may possibly come across the coils complicated to clean  
  • The donut coil has to be bought separately

In conclusion

General, Yocan did an outstanding job as soon as once again. If you are a devoted cannabis enthusiast who enjoys extended, flavorful sessions, Yocan Cerum is a will have to-have for your gear collection.

The worth that you are having for such a modest value is outstanding, and most importantly, you are having a item that can final for decades on finish (if you use it appropriately, of course).

Thank you for an additional astounding item Yocan, maintain up the good perform!


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