2 Young Latino Entrepreneurs Commanded The Largest Cannabis Export In History

By Hernán Panessi, originally published on El Planteo

“There is a market, we are not reinventing the wheel. The circle was built already, it’s not earth shattering or anything”, says casually Lucas Crivilone. So far this year has already sold about 10 tons of dried cannabis flowers.

Through his company, CPlant, he has set an important precedent in the legal cannabis industry: he carried out the largest global export to the date.

Lucas, an economist, and his partner, businessman Guido Husni, laid the foundations for a millionaire business -and they are still under 30.

“To face the project, we showed what the international product trade looks like and we contacted the corresponding local authorities and those of the countries where the product is sold,” Lucas begins.

Knowing the plant and its benefits, CPlant found a disruptive business and a legal framework that protects them. Destination: Uruguay. Thus, Lucas and Guido left Buenos Aires and set up their business…

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