John Malanca Weekly Roundup: 2020 Keeps Delivering…

2020 Keeps Delivering…
Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, snow in September?
Then there are the Fires….

Last weekend, I was in the mountains celebrating a 3-day holiday. I had been looking forward to this weekend and selfishly hoped it would be more than I imagined, since summer had gone too fast and the year continues to be challenging.

Unfortunately, the weekend lived up to 2020, keeping in step with the year to date. Imagine my surprise when, in less than 24 hours, it was over! Unknown to us, the Creek Fire and their surrounding acres were in imminent danger and we were asked to evacuate. The Creek Fires’ are still burning; with over 170K+ acres effected and currently zero containment.

At this time of year, most if not all of us, celebrate work and labor by taking time off. Labor Day Weekend has come to symbolize the end of summer, a return to work and a good-bye to warm, lazy days.

As I raced down the mountain, I was initially confused, then quickly humbled by the abundance of first-responders who were driving past me up into the danger to fight the fires. The vision of the eerie glow in the distance and ensuing smoke and ash are reminders for me to ask you to keep them all close in thought and prayers. I have not forgotten that our first line workers have not stopped since January and continue now, with little end in sight.

This blog I write today is in honor of all the first-responders, not only current, but past events, 9/11 which is today, always comes to mind and never forgotten, and everyone who has lost cherished possessions. For those who have lost loved ones, you are most revered and have our deepest sympathy.

Thank you to those who keep us safe and all those who put themselves in harms’ way to protect our homeland. Your sacrifice this year is truly A Labor of Days, and we are grateful.

Be Informed. Be Well.

John Malanca

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