Number of patients buying Ohio medical marijuana up to 103,632

The number of Ohio medical marijuana patients who have purchased products from state dispensaries increased by 3.4% between July and August, new figures show.

In August, 103,642 patients were registered with the state and have bought the drug, according to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. This number isn’t quite 1% of the state’s population of 11.7 million.

Seven hundred twenty-one registered medical marijuana patients had a terminal diagnosis in August, 9,267 were military veterans and 9,694 patients were low-income.

The Ohio General Assembly passed the law in 2016 legalizing medicinal cannabis. Lawsuits and state regulators’ delays slowed the opening of the first dispensaries until January 2019.

To this day, parts of the program are still not ready:

-Of the 19 companies that received provisional licenses to run large-scale marijuana cultivation facilities, only 11 have received certificates of operation. Twelve of the 14 small-scale cultivators are up and running.

-51 of 57 dispensaries have certificates of operation.

-Three of six testers, who check for quality and THC content in marijuana products, have certificates of operation.

As of Aug. 17, 21,340 pounds of plant material have been sold, a nearly 16% increase from mid-July. Medical marijuana sales by Aug. 17 totaled $176.1 million, which were also nearly 16% up from a month prior.

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