Bill decriminalizing marijuana ‘great step’ but ‘largely symbolic,’ says cannabis COO

This week became historic for the “legalize marijuana” movement, with the House of Representatives passing the MORE Act by a vote of 228-164 on Friday.

The bill would decriminalize cannabis and marks the first time that Congress has ever voted on the issue. The MORE Act would erase non-violent federal marijuana convictions. It stands almost no chance in the Senate, which means no chance of becoming law.

Arun Kurichety, the chief operating officer and general counsel for Petalfast, told “The News with Shepard Smith” that the MORE Act is more of a symbolic step in the right direction. Petalfast is a first-of-its-kind full spectrum sales and marketing agency for the cannabis industry.

“The passage of the MORE Act is a great step in terms of recognizing the injustices present in the criminal justice system, but unfortunately, this is all largely symbolic as the bill has little chance of passing the Senate – until and unless – the Democrats are able to secure a majority in the Senate,” Kurichety said. “Hopefully, this act will help continue to shed a light on reversing injustices and promote additional growth in the industry as reflected by the public support and passage of various state laws legalizing cannabis.” [Read more at CNBC]

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