Can weed make you forget who you are?

As the title says, I had an experience my first time smoking where I forgot who I was.

It was years ago, I had never smoked weed before and my good friends and I decided to try some. They bought some from a kid at their school and we went into the woods to smoke it.

After we smoked acouple bowls, we started walking back home and thats when it hit me. I totally forgot who I was, where I was and who my friends were. I relapsed into this state every 15 seconds or so, but remembered everything about 3 seconds before forgetting again.

Has anyone encountered this? Ive been curious for years if it was laced with something or I was just new to it. I havnt read about any drug that causes this so im siding on the fact it was my first time. Ive smoked many times throughout the years and the closest ive ever come to recreating the (admittedly terrifying) feeling is intentionally making up a false life to take myself away from my current one(at the time) but I knew it was a lie.

Fun story to remember with my friends.

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