Embark Delta Inc. Receives Amendment of its Licence from Health Canada Permitting Sales of Cannabis 2.0 Products Directly to Provinces & Territories

Toronto, Ontario—December 4, 2020 – Embark Delta Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Embark Health Inc. (“Embark” or the “Company” ) is pleased to announce that it has been granted an amendment to its licence for the sale of cannabis extracts, cannabis topicals and edible cannabis products from their facility in Delta, British Columbia.

The amendment to the Health Canada licence allows the Company to further expand its existing and future product offerings to the medical and recreational consumer markets with concentrates, extracts and nanoemulsified topical and edible products. In addition, Embark can now offer white-labelling turn-key manufacturing services to its commercial accounts. Embark is currently producing Bubble Hash, Dry Sift, Traditional Pressed Hash and Rosin at their Delta facility.

“Receiving our sales licence to allow for the sale of extracts and concentrates in conjunction with EmbarkNano topicals, edibles and beverages is another key milestone in Embark’s path to growth and profitability”, said Dr. Luc C. Duchesne, Embark’s CEO. “The Embark portfolio of products addresses the evolving needs of today’s consumer”.

Embark will bring products to market under the Embark Brands portfolio in order to meet the varying needs of customers; the first of which is launching in the coming weeks. “Further, the EmbarkNano team has been developing formulations to address the Health & Wellness and Beauty segments of the market”, said Stephanie Fry, Embark’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We look forward to these product launches in Q1 2021 and believe our products will set the standard in the market.”

The team at Embark would like to thank all the people at Health Canada who have worked hard to maintain continuity despite the challenges of working under the pressures of COVID-19.

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