Martha Stewart And Drew Barrymore Keep It Festive, Hide CBD Gummies In Christmas Crackers

Martha knows best! She dropped by Drew Barrymore’s talk show to bring her trademark creativity to the table, and Drew just posted one of her favorite moments from the filming.

We’ve all learned a lot about Drew from this new hosting gig. She’s super enthusiastic and eager to overshare – which makes for some pretty entertaining segments. Here’s what went down when Martha visited the show and offered her tips for recycling 2020’s hottest item (toilet paper) with an extra special ingredient.

They Made Toilet Paper Roll Cracker Crafts

In a clip Drew posted to IG, craft queen Martha demonstrates how to make sweet little holiday crackers. This isn’t the kind of cracker you eat, it’s the kind you pull apart to find a prize.

“To make the whole little case could be very complicated,” Martha explains, “but we’ve simplified the whole thing by saving all the toilet paper rolls.”

Each cracker uses three toilet paper rolls, with the middle roll hiding a special surprise for whoever rips it open.

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Martha Put CBD Gummies Inside

Holiday crackers typically have tiny toys inside, like plastic cars, whistles, or marbles. Martha gave her own alternative option.

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“Put your gifts inside,” you can hear Martha instruct on Drew’s IG post. “I’m going to put my CBD gummies, look.”

“How many do you have to eat to feel an effect?” Drew asks her.

Martha says it depends, and Drew admits “I could probably eat like 10.” That’s one way to celebrate!

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