Recreational marijuana available to buy next spring

TUCSON – Prop 207 went into effect on November 30th, but you still can’t buy recreational marijuana legally. That’s because shops can’t sell it legally, that will come next spring.

You can now possess, smoke and even grow recreational marijuana. However, local dispensaries still need to apply for dual use to sell, that process starts on January 19th of 2021.

After being denied four years ago local dispensaries are celebrating this as a huge win for their business.

“I was jubilant, I think it was one of the best things that happened for our business, for the state, for the economy here so I think it’s gonna be great for Arizona and for Tucson,” said Moe Asnani, Director of D2 and Downtown Dispensary.

Right now, they’re focused on getting the proper licensing to sell when the time comes. One of their biggest challenges they’re facing is making sure they have enough supply for what they expect will be a business boom.

“I think what this does is it gives them time, the dispensaries, to go through the process of you know having those supplies available in recreational doses,” said Marc Lamber, Attorney with Fennemore Craig.

You will be able to possess one ounce of flower for recreational use, when it comes to edibles, people will be allowed to buy packets up to 100 milligrams as long as they are 10 milligrams per serving.

For those who want to grow their own marijuana,

“You’re allowed to grow up to six and then if you have two or more people in the household that are 21or older you can grow as many as 12 plants,” said Lamber.

Asnani says when they can sell they will likely need more employees and they will extend their hours to keep up with demand if necessary.

While they will try to keep enough stock to satisfy the demand he believes the legal amounts people are allowed to have are realistic.

“I think they’re very much in line with the national standards for adult use and I think they are totally fair, an ounce a day is a lot. but it’s not too much,” said Asnani.

Businesses are eligible to apply January 19th, licenses are expected to be issued in late March to early April.

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