To turn to Marijuana or not to. That is the question.

So I originally wrote this post for a subreddit intended for Medical students, and it was immediately deleted… as I feared it would be. I don’t know how much background information is needed for the *uninitiated* to understand where I’m at in life and what I’m looking for help with. But basically, I’m a Third Year medical student in the US. I will graduate as a Physician in about a year and a half. As a third-year my week consists of working on the ‘service’ of a preceptor who is a licensed physician, and every month I am on the service of a different doctor often in a different specialty. For example last month I was working in an ICU that was full of COVID patients, this month I’m working under a general surgeon. When the doctor is working so am I and then, in addition, I’m studying for monthly “subject” exams that are specific to the specialty I just worked under that month in addition to studying for the licensing exam that I’ll take in March that I need to pass to graduate but also that’s score will rank me against all the other graduating physicians and will contributing to determining which residency I get, in what specialty, and where. To be brief I’m fucking busy…. and Exhausted.

I’ve been putting off asking about this for a good month or so out of fear of being judged/kicked off the subreddit/having a classmate see and report me or whatever. The long of the short is, I’m seriously considering trying marijuana to help with my depression, lack of motivation, and unbearable fatigue. I live in a super conservative state and marijuana is still so taboo here it’s disgusting. I’ve been on SNRIs and SSRIs for years due to depression and anxiety and the regimen I’m on now is *okay* in that my depression primarily manifests as fatigue and lack of motivation. Studying is a bitch. I’m working 14+ hour days on my rotations and on weekends I feel too tired to function and when I am upright and doing practice questions/reading/studying my attention span is about 3.5 seconds. It’s been a long time since my high school days and so much about weed has changed that I don’t even know where to start. I’ve done a fair amount of research but still feel like if I were to walk into a dispensary (the one in the next state over because heaven forbid my state have one) they’d laugh me right back out. So my question for all of you is A) Has anyone have success using THC to manage their fatigue? B) What modes and strains have you had success with? Have you found one that allows you to still focus and retain information without being sedating? To be clear I’m really not looking for a high, just an upper. C) Am I jeopardizing my career by looking to a federally illegal substance before spending thousands on sleep studies and labs test that will tell me I’m “healthy”?

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