9 Ways to Make Your Sex Life More Pleasurable When You Have Vaginal Atrophy – HealthCentral.com

Similarly, focusing on foreplay and other forms of touch and intimacy—kissing, massage, oral sex, mutual masturbation, sexting, and more—can help take pressure off the act, especially when intercourse itself is painful due to VA. “Foreplay is extremely important with a condition like atrophy,” says Dr. Mitchell. And if intercourse itself is uncomfortable, you may start to anticipate pain, making sex all the more unappealing. So get creative, and break out of your routine by turning foreplay into the main event. “You can even use an oil called Zestra to increase arousal, and make foreplay fun again,” she says.

Source: https://www.healthcentral.com/slideshow/intimacy-playful-not-painful-with-vaginal-atrophy

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