Ease Paranoia From Cannabis

Ease Paranoia From Cannabis 2

Paranoia can be a side effect of using cannabis, which may be a confusing and frustrating feeling if you’re still a beginner. That is why looking for ways to ease paranoia from cannabis is important.

Whether you’re a novice cannabis user or already an expert, these episodes can still occur with accompanying symptoms like constant vigilance, lack of trust of the people around you, and difficulties relaxing. If you’re looking for ways to Ease paranoia from cannabis, NuLeaf Las Vegas Dispensary has got you covered.

Before we discuss ways you can reduce or avoid paranoia episodes when using cannabis, let’s talk more about paranoia first.

What is paranoia?

Paranoia is like a scary or an anxious feeling that you’re somehow in harm’s way. You feel threatened by the people around you even if there is no apparent threat to be worried about.

These beliefs and irrational thoughts of a person with paranoia can become very fixating, making it hard to convince them that what their thinking is wrong or exaggerated.

Here are some indicators our customers have suggested looking out for to determine if you’re becoming paranoid while using cannabis products:

  • Becoming socially isolated or detached
  • Having trouble relaxing
  • Believing that the people around you are dangerous
  • Being very sensitive and defensive to what others are saying

You don’t have to worry, though, because paranoia goes away. When the effect of cannabis wears off from your system, the paranoid thoughts will subside as well.

Ease Paranoia From Cannabis 1
Ease Paranoia From Cannabis 1

How To Ease Paranoia from Cannabis

As mentioned above, paranoia can go away on its own when the effect of cannabis wears off, but our customers have said that these tips and tricks can help to quickly reduce paranoia.

  • Keep CBD supplements on hand.

While using cannabis, there may be benefits in having a CBD supplement on hand just in case paranoid thoughts start to take place. Taking a CBD supplement may assist in reducing anxiety associated with ingesting too much THC, according to anecdotal reports. You can buy CBD in a variety of forms including: capsules, beverages, pills, and gummies. It all depends on your preference.

Consumers suffering from mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, or those just beginning to use cannabis often enjoy using a cannabis strain that has a high CBD content; sometimes this is referred to as a 1:1 because of the equal ratio of THC and CBD in these types of strains.

The same goes for people who are prone to have anxious feelings or thoughts. These high levels of CBD have been known by customers to reduce paranoid thoughts.

If you’re a beginner, it is advisable for you to take smaller doses of cannabis so that the potential side effects won’t be so intense. This is called micro-dosing. There are a variety of products that cater to micro-dosing, just ask your budtender. When you become more comfortable and experienced, you can try a higher THC percentage or dosage amount.

  • Stay hydrated and eat.

Staying hydrated and consuming a healthy snack can help reduce paranoia as well. Snacks such as cereals, warm soup or broth, and fresh fruits like lemon have been reported by users to help soothe their anxiety and fear.

  • Take a shower.

Taking a shower is also reported as a good way to reduce paranoia. You can take either a lukewarm or ice-cold shower, depending on your preference.


The tips above are just some of the ways you can potentially ease paranoia from cannabis. Just remember that paranoia will go away once the cannabis is out of your system, so don’t worry; everything will be just fine.



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