Kentucky CBD Companies: Learn About Our History

The hemp rules need to change, both in Kentucky and in D.C. For instance, Kentucky still bans hemp flower. That’s a real shame. Kentucky grows some of the best hemp flower in the world, and yet our state government won’t allow our farmers to sell it.

Also, Kentucky has not yet legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. And we think that’s a shame, too. Kentucky Republicans seem split on this issue, which is why it hasn’t happened yet.

In the 2020 legislative session, the Kentucky House passed a medical marijuana bill with 60% of the chamber voting in favor. That’s a very noteworthy result given that more than 60% of the chamber is Republican.

The medical marijuana bill had the votes to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee, but then the COVID-19 pandemic cut the legislative session short. That pushes medical marijuana to the next legislative session.

But the writing on the wall says that marijuana will become legal in Kentucky one day soon.

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