Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg reunited to decorate cookies shaped like cannabis leaves and …

  • Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg reunited on Tuesday for a holiday cookie-baking session.
  • They made cookies shaped like cannabis leaves and “Dogg” bones, in honor of the rapper.
  • The famous friends teamed up for an event for the San Francisco-based software company Salesforce, Stewart wrote on Instagram.
  • Stewart and Snoop have known each other for over a decade and enjoy a very public friendship.
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Famous BFFs Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg got festive on Tuesday while decorating cookies shaped like bows, Christmas trees, cannabis leaves, and Dogg bones, People magazine reported.

The two virtually reunited as part of an hour-long event hosted by Salesforce, a software company based in California.

Stewart posted a colorful carousel of cookie images on her Instagram. In the caption, she wrote that the cookies were made by food stylist and baker Molly Wenk, baker Julia Preis, and cookie artist Dani Boglivi-Fiori and were decorated by her “and snoop and Santa’s elves!!!” The post shows Stewart’s kitchen counter overflowing with platters of cookies.

“400,000 people around the world watched as we bantered and decorated. It was great fun!! And the cookies were amazing,” the celebrity chef wrote.

A post shared by Martha Stewart (@marthastewart48)

“The cookies look good but DAMN Martha! You look gorgeous!” a follower commented.

“Your friendship with Snoop is one of the greatest friendships in history,” another wrote.

Stewart also included a photo of herself with a box of her newly-released CBD gummies. The gummies “combine gourmet flavors with the purest, safest CBD isolate, derived from 100% natural US hemp,” according to the website.

Stewart followed up her initial carousel of photos with a video of herself piping red icing on a green cannabis leaf-shaped cookie.

“Decorating for Christmas and cookies galore. It looks like Santa’s little elves have been everywhere here in my kitchen,” Stewart says in the short video.

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“Martha you’re wild. [I don’t know] if I’m more impressed by the weed cookie or the fact u posted this at 4 am,” one of the top comments said.

Stewart said that the cannabis leaf cookies and the Dogg bone cookies were in Snoop Dogg’s honor. The collection also included a cookie with an image of Snoop smoking etched onto it.

Snoop dogg cookie

Stewart painted her famous friend’s face on a cookie.

Martha Stewart/Instagram

Stewart and Snoop Dogg have been friends for over a decade

The two first met on “The Martha Stewart Show” in 2008, MacKenzie Jean Phillipe wrote for Oprah magazine, and have since collaborated for movie spoofs, Comedy Central roasts, and, now, holiday baking sessions.

“I learn a lot from my friend Snoop [Dogg], just about his whole world,” Stewart told People magazine’s Ana Calderone in November.

Stewart also told People that Snoop’s genre of music “resonates” with her and she “listen[s] to the words,” some of which “might be pretty hard to take.”

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