Is vomiting normal when getting high?

I’m 40, and haven’t smoked since high school. I wasn’t a heavy smoker, but I did vomit once back then after taking many huge hits from a 3 liter gravity bong.

Now that it’s legal, I’ve tried a few times to get high, and almost every time I do, I get sick. The first time was a low potency edible, took one gummy, nothing after and hour, so took another. Shortly after, I threw up. Then it was a fine relaxing high.

The next time was some high THC bud smoked from a bowl. 4 hits and I was seeing sounds, hearing colors, and puking my guts out for a long time. If it wasn’t from a dispensary, I would have thought it was laced. I was still a bit buzzed 18 hours later.

One low level high after that with some home grown bud. And then it happened again the last time I smoked. Different strain, lower THC from a dispensary, only 2 small hits this time, and I still ended up hanging over the railing of the deck!

All of these instances are a couple weeks apart. I enjoy getting high, but the nausea and vomiting suck. Any advice?

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