Vape Ban Cartridges Gone For Good

We successfully destroyed $2.6 million worth of quarantined vape cartridges

In the fall of 2019, the Governor of Massachusetts banned the sale of vape cartridges pending investigation of reported lung illnesses likely due to vitamin E acetate found in both illicit vape products and nicotine vape products. As a result, the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) prohibited dispensaries from selling cannabis-infused vape cartridges during this time. Although the ban was lifted after a few months, it wasn’t until August 2020 that the CCC allowed retesting of the quarantined vapes for possible resale – a full year or more after those vape cartridges were produced.

Our team at Temescal unanimously agreed that our quarantined products were not suitable for our patients and guests. We have always followed safety and sanitation standards throughout the growing, manufacturing, and selling of our cannabis products, and these vape cartridges were not representative of our brand after sitting in storage for an extended period of time.

Although faced with a difficult decision because of our investment (yes, you read right – $2.6 million), our team decided to forego sales, which meant we had to dispose of our supply of quarantined vape cartridges; cue the destruction process! Our team agreed that it is more important to provide fresh cannabis products to ensure we maintain the quality of products our customers expect to receive from us.

We thought it would be fun (and educational!) to capture the vape cartridge destruction process and give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to destroy boxes of thousands of vape cartridges safely in a cannabis cultivation facility. To give you an idea of our production team’s undertaking, about 2,000 cartridges were destroyed per hour.

Check it out!

Behind the scenes vape destruction

Behind the scenes vape destructionvape cartridge destruction machine

These products were destroyed using methods that are compliant with CCC regulations and performed with the safety and security of production team members in mind.

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