Pressure Sheet: One Love by Agrijuana

[ad_1] One love Pressure Assessment Budtender: Nick D. Pressure: One Love, 20.21% THC, Sativa Grower: Agrijuana On-set time: The primary try at 4:50 pm was a profitable one with the […]

Pressure Sheet: Cookies by Northwest Hashish Options

[ad_1] Reviewing Budtender: Michael Pressure: Cookies from Northwest Hashish Options at 20.7% THC, producer of edibles such because the Laborious Sweet Pebbles and KoKo Gems. Onset: I smoked a small […]

Strain Sheet: Sage by Golden Tree Productions

[ad_1]   Reviewing Budtender: Eddy G.Strain: S.A.G.E Grower: Golden Tree Productions “We haven’t carried this beautiful strain for almost a year – I’m exited to see it back on the shelf.The buds are […]

Strain Sheet: Bluberry Haze by LifeGardens

[ad_1] Reviewing Budtender: Marvelous Megan Strain: Blueberry Haze Grower: Life Gardens (Greenhouse grown) If you are hunting for a good relaxing strain with no falling asleep, this is it! Blueberry […]

Strain Sheet: Secret Recipe by Golden Tree Productions

[ad_1] Reviewing Budtender: Miss Nyssa Strain: Secret Recipe Grower: Golden Tree Productions Onset: five minutes following smoking with a warm physique higher, a complete head and physique higher kicked in […]

Strain Sheet: Super Silver Haze Rosin by Orgrow

[ad_1] Reviewing Budmaster: Skywalker Strain: Super Silver Haze Rosin (Solvent-much less Concentrate) at 85% THC Producer: Orgrow (Indoor, Soil, Organic) Super Silver Haze Rosin by Orgrow vapes cleanly and the dab right […]