Variable Terpene Profiles

Super Lemon Haze– Sativa Dominant (80/20)Super Lemon Haze’s popularity has been on the increase over the last few years. The strong rich citrus flavours are accompanied by fruity, earthy, and […]

Caryophyllene – A Hashish Terpene

[ad_1] The shaker of black pepper you could have on the desk at a restaurant is a superb instance of caryophyllene’s signature essence. Caryophyllene is a constituent of many vegetation […]

Linalool – A Hashish Terpene

[ad_1] Linalool is immediately recognizable within the odor of burning bud, giving it a flowery, spicy aroma. An alcoholic terpene, linalool is considerable all through nature in a number of […]

Limonene – A Hashish Terpene

[ad_1] It’s also generally discovered all through the plant kingdom, primarily in citrus fruits, and coniferous and broadleaved bushes. Limonene is typically distinguished as “D-Limonene,” to distinguish it from “L-Limonene,” […]

Limonene in CBD Oil – Terpene Profile

[ad_1] What’s Limonene? Limonene is an plentiful terpene in lots of cannabis strains and numerous different crops. It’s one of many main terpenes that influences the consequences of a pressure. […]